Is your house properly insulated?

Many houses in Ireland have either no attic insulation or are not insulated properly!

Up to 25% heat loss is caused by poor attic insulation. We can help you fix that.

Did you know that current building regulations demands a minimum 12 inches of insulation in the loft space? Anything less, and you’re waving goodbye to your heat as it disappears through your roof.

Up to 25% of all heat used to heat your living space is lost if your attic is not properly insulated. Having professionally fitted attic insulation will dramatically reduce this loss, while saving you money.

What we do at FSI (Fuel Saving Insulation)

  • Loft Insulation upgrades
  • Fit raised walkways to water tanks
  • Fit raised floor storage areas
  • Fit water tank insulated jackets/caps.
  • Fit pipework insulation
  • Fit nsulation/draughtproofing hatch
  • Supply & fit loft ladders

Regardless of what kind of house or roof that you need insulating, we have the perfect attic insulation solution for you

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